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Cúc Vạn Thọ Châu Phi ( Tagetes erecta , TAG00172 )

Cúc Vạn Thọ Châu Phi

Còn có biệt danh Sweet Cream , cho hoa to  ( 7-10 cm ) màu trắng ngà như sữa .

Mã :TAG00172
Tiếng Anh:Vanilla Marigold - African
Khoa học: Tagetes erecta
Họ : Cúc
Cao: 45 cm
Nhiệt độ : 24-27 C
Chịu hạn : Tốt
Hạt : ~ 300 hạt/g.
Nẩy mầm : 3-7 ngày.

Formerly known as Sweet Cream and actually resembles sweet creamy farm milk—outstanding off-white color. Profuse large 3–4" double blooms on stocky 18" plants until frost. Use for cutting or keep deadheaded to maintain Vanilla’s classy good looks. Annual.

Culture: Fast and easy to grow from seed. Sow after soil has warmed, or inside in a warm (75–80°) spot, 3 weeks before setting out after danger of frost. Likes heat and full sun. Tolerant to drought. ~300 seeds/g unless otherwise noted.

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